Check Out These Roof Makeovers

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We all love home renovation before and afters, but roof refurbishments can be just as impressive. At Above & Beyond Roof Replacements, we take roofs from 0 to 100, replacing tired old tiles with stunning COLORBOND® steel in a wide array of impressive colours. COLORBOND® steel is a fantastic roof material for the Australian climate,

Add a New Roof to Your Spring Clean!

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The sun is definitely shining more often in Vic, which means it’s spring cleaning time for a lot of us. Thanks to the fair weather and longer daylight hours, spring is a fantastic time to undertake home - or roof - renovations! Above and Beyond are the roof replacement specialists of choice, as our many

Protect Your Home From Extreme Weather Conditions

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Aussies are no stranger to tough weather conditions, from summer bushfires, to winter hail, and spring and autumn storms, we get the extremes of everything. For Aussies living in country areas particularly, harsh weather and fire is a serious concern. High winds, heavy rain, floors, and of course the ever-present risk of extremely high temperatures

The Best New Colours for a Sheet Metal Roof

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If you’ve been looking for re-roofing services in Melbourne, then you’ve probably also been thinking about what colour roof you should go with. When it comes to that Aussie icon, iron roofs, you’re thankfully spoiled for choice. Colorbond® steel comes in a huge variety of colours, from traditional gunmetal grey, to country style rusty reds,

The When, Why, and How on Replacing Your Roof

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Replacing a roof is not a decision you should take lightly, being a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming project. Several companies specialise in roof restoration Melbourne wide, replacing either sections of a house or the entire roof if needed. Working out if, why, and how you should replace your roof is necessary before you undergo any

Can You Replace a Roof in Winter?

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Despite spring being the optimal season to get a roof replacement done, realistically you can get your roof replaced at any time throughout the year. However, it’s important to consider the different precautions that need to be taken depending on when you decide to get roof replacement specialists in. During winter, for example, the weather


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Collectively we’ve been making shelters and homes for centuries, with architecture and design across the world playing a key role in informing different styles and compositions. Alongside more traditional materials adopted for roofing such as clay tiles and metal and aluminium sheets, many have ventured into new territory by experimenting with alternative and unusual materials.

Reroofing and Solar Panels: What You Need To Know

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We all know the importance of having a sturdy, functioning roof for our home. A roof does a lot that we rarely think about – it protects houses and buildings from harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, hail, heat and snow. Come rain or shine, our roof will withstand so much. Having said that, when

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